KnC 4/2014, Karolina Pluta
- I’m very happy that we’re going to Cracow  to visit Łagiewniki. I haven’t been yet in the Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy although I’ve read a lot about it. Did you know that the Pope John Paul II used to visit this...
KnC 3/2014, Karolina Pluta
- Mike, it was amazing, I’m so happy that today we went to Morskie Oko. - Me too, although I’m really tired. I’ve never walked so long in mountains and I didn’t suspect that it could be so difficult and demanding.
KnC 2/2014, Karolina Pluta
– Hi Mike, do you want to come with me for a meeting in our Regional Museum? Today’s the premiere of  a book published by the Museum which was written by my grandfather. – Hi Tom. That might be really interesting, I...
KnC 1/2014, Karolina Pluta
– Dad, I’d like to have a new LCD monitor. – OK, Peter, but you already have a monitor. Is it broken?
KnC 12/2013, Karolina Pluta
- Good morning, can I have a ticket for a train to Wrocław for tomorrow? – asked Matthew at the ticket office in the train station. - A normal one or with a discount? - With a discount for a high school student.  
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