KnC 6/2012, Karolina Pluta
Have you ever wondered why some people make spectacular discoveries or inventions? In many cases the answer is simple: because they are scientists and the discovery is a result of their hard work and earlier concepts.
KnC 5/2012, Karolina Pluta
Why do we remember things? How does it happen that we can recall the facts, ideas and experiences from the past? We remember because the connections between our brain’s neurons change. Memory is a record of our...
KnC 3/2012, Karolina Pluta
Parents are proud of their children. People can be proud of their country, their achievements, famous compatriots. Sometimes pride makes them big-headed. It is thought that artists are especially prone to experience...
KnC 2/2012, Karolina Pluta
Tomatoes, pizza Margherita, ice creams and sandwiches are very popular and common today. How did it happen that we eat them nowadays?
KnC 11/2010, Michał Gramacki
11th of November is celebrated by Polish people as one of the most special days during the year. Waving flags, street parades and national ceremonies testify of the importance and attachment of the Polish society to...
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