KnC 12/2012, Karolina Pluta
We communicate with words and gestures all the time, even not thinking about it. We speak or mimic, write, listen and read. This way or another we express our feelings, inform about the things we know and receive the...
KnC 11/2012, Karolina Pluta
When you hear of deduction, who do you think of? What is the name that immediately comes into your mind? Is it by the chance the most famous character of Arthur Conan Doyle books – a detective well-known for his...
KnC 10/2012, Karolina Pluta
Why do we remember better some stories, information or things that happened to us? They might be more interesting, trustworthy or simply because they concern important things, our hobbies or problems. Sometimes the...
KnC 9/2012, Karolina Pluta
What came first: the chicken or the egg? Are we alone in the world? Where do the people come from? 
KnC 7/2012, Karolina Pluta
Summer holidays have finally arrived. How to spend them?
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